Your Email Reputation

With all of the mortgage and credit card issues today, much attention has been given to an individual’s credit score.  Our credit scores are extremely important because they determine whether we can get loans, what interest rate we will be charged and even cab impact the ability to get a job. 

As email marketers, we need to be equally focused on our email reputation which is essentially our email sender credit score. Our email sender reputation is the most important factor in determining whether an email is going to be blocked, end-up in a junk folder, or reach the inbox.  ISPs and others looking to prevent spam use your email reputation to determine how trustworthy you are just like lenders use credit scores.

If you aren’t checking your email reputation, you need to be.  A great and free resource to determine your email reputation is, which is provided by Return Path, a leading email services provider.  The sender score is a relative ranking of your email sender reputation with ‘0’ being the worst and ‘100’ being the best.  The website also provides additional information that helps to identify what issues can be negatively impacting your sender score.

Sender Score

Don’t forget that your email reputation can change, and so you need to continue to monitor it.

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