Our Services

Shay offers a diversity of services to help you to achieve Exceptional Results.

If we were to express it as a mathematical formula, it would be something like:

      Actionable Data
+ Insightful Analysis
    + Great Execution
= Exceptional Results

How we work with your company depends on a number factors and the specific needs of your business, but our services typically fall into one of two categories:

Project-Based – This type of engagement is best suited for organizations that need to analyze a specific aspect of their online marketing operations or someone to manage an online marketing initiative. These projects have a specific duration and a pre-defined set of deliverables. Examples include:

  • Opportunity Assessment and ROI Analysis/Business Case Development
  • Online Marketing Strategy Development
  • Vendor, Personnel, and Technology Support Evaluation and Planning
  • Results Measurement and Data-driven Analysis and Optimization
  • Online Marketing Tactical Execution such as ecommerce Strategy & Platform Evaluation, search marketing, sales lead generation, email marketing, conversion analysis and social marketing.

Some companies engage Shay on a specific project as a 'test' to judge the value we are able to bring. We undertand and welcome that approach.

Executive Management – We essentially operate as an outsourced Internet Marketing executive for your organzation. This type of engagement is appropriate for businesses that may have the vendors and internal personnel necessary to execute tactical online marketing initiatives but who are really looking for access to experienced executive-level personnel. Our activities typically include the following:

  • Identify the highest return opportunities and focus available resources on pursuing initiatives that are achievable and consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the organization
  • Create online marketing annual goals, strategies, financial plans, and budgets
  • Develop business cases and ROI analysis and communicate the importance, benefits, and risks of new initiatives to executive management and appropriate stakeholders
  • Implement the appropriate accountability for vendors, and if appropriate, internal personnel
  • Identify and implement the key metrics best used to measure the performance of online marketing initiatives and regularly analyze and report on that performance
  • Evaluate existing infrastructure, vendors and personnel
  • Establish any necessary partnerships and coordinate any contract negotiations with outside agencies or vendors and, if appropriate, assist in recruiting needed internal staff
  • Guide an Internet Marketing Team in providing the high quality project and vendor management necessary to ensure that any Internet marketing initiatives undertaken are delivered on time, within budget and meet quality specifications

Organizations will engage Shay in this type of a relationship as a way to validate the value to the organization of senior leadership before they hire a full-time executive to manage their online marketing initiatives.

More Information

We don't believe in a 'one-size fits all' solution for our clients because we know specific needs can differ. We are committed to the approach that is best for your company, so please contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.