Discounts – A Slippery Slope?

Consumers love discounts.  Who can blame them?  Who doesn’t want to pay less for something?  For marketers, they are very enticing.  They can boost sales, break-through the clutter, and stimulate trial from new customers.  Used correctly, they are a valuable tool for a marketer.

However, if used indiscriminately, consumers become dependent on them, expect them, and won’t shop from your store without them.  That’ll force you to either provide a steady stream of discounts that you’ll probably never be able to stop or risk the wrath of your consumers.

Much like a carpenter, you aren’t going to be successful relying on a single tool (heck – you can only do so much with a hammer). Discounts can provide wonderful results for companies, but make sure that you don’t forget other useful tools in your marketing tool box.

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