Our Services

Whether it is developing a business case for a new online initiative, implementing processes to truly measure the impact of your Internet activities, or creating a marketing plan to build awareness of your brand, increase customer loyalty, or sell more product online, we help organizations identify the best way to leverage the Internet to achieve their business goals.

We place importance on creating actionable strategies, implementing measures to gauge the success of initiatives, and continually evaluating and adjusting in order to obtain the best results possible.

If we were to express it as a mathematical formula, it would be something like:

      Actionable Data
+ Insightful Analysis
    + Great Execution
= Exceptional Results

The following are some of the activities that we perform for clients:

Situation Analysis
This rapid but critical analysis is typically the first step in the engagement with our clients and is used to identify the greatest areas of need, pinpoint the issues that deserve the most focus, and create an actionable plan.
Online Marketing Plan Development and Management
You know what you want the end-result to be with your online activities (e.g. increase sales), but you don’t know the best approach. We will develop an online marketing plan with specific goals and tactics to achieve your objectives. In doing so, we will evaluate the benefits of all possible online marketing initiatives from search engine optimization to social networking in order to determine the best mix. Furthermore, if needed, we can help identify and manage the resources needed to implement the plan.
Opportunity Assessment & Resource Evaluation
The number and size of the opportunities facing an organization is determined by both its market opportunities and by the quantity and quality of the resources it can martial to exploit those opportunities. We will not only help you determine the most significant market opportunities, but we will also evaluate the current and possible personnel, vendors, and tools available to help you identify and execute the highest return initiatives.
Online Business and Marketing Strategy
Whether it is the development of new channel for distribution, or the launch of a new product, brand, or service, we can help your organization develop a successful online business strategy. We will help you to quantify the size of the market opportunity, develop your competitive positioning, brand strategy, and financial projections, and if needed, assist in obtaining and managing the resources necessary to fully execute the strategy.
Implementation Management
We leverage over a decade of experience in evaluating, hiring, purchasing and managing the personnel, vendors, tools, and resources necessary to execute online initiatives to put in place the plans and performance measures necessary to allow us to oversee the successful execution of our clients online initiatives.
Results Measurement & Optimization
One of the greatest advantages of online marketing is the marketers’ ability to quickly adjust and respond to the data they can obtain directly from their interactions with their market. We will work with you to evaluate your key performance indicators and your analytics infrastructure and will help to ensure that your organization has access to actionable data that will allow you to optimize your online marketing performance.