Who We Are

We believe that Shay Digital provides an unique perspective that allows us to truly serve your online business and marketing needs in a way that others can not.

Shay Digital was established in direct response to common issues faced by marketing executives that we believed were not being adequately addressed by existing service providers. We reached that conclusion based on over a decade’s worth of experience working both as consultants, helping business and marketing executives identify and execute the best possible online initiatives, and as marketers trying to establish and grow online businesses.

Specifically, there are many excellent design shops, search marketing companies, e-mail service providers, and online advertising experts but each just focuses on their particular area of expertise. Each, understandably, feels that their offering is the most important and where the majority of your resources should be dedicated.

To be successful, Interactive agencies must have their employees constantly billing clients, so if they have a lot of designers but little search marketing there may be an inclination to recommend design services even when search marketing could return better results.

Where do you turn for an unbiased recommendation as to how your online efforts are most effectively directed? For example, how much should you spend on search engine optimization vs. website improvements vs. e-mail marketing vs. analytics, etc.?

Shay Digital is uniquely qualified to help answer those and similar questions because of our experience and agnostic approach to any particular solution. We don’t sell search engine optimization services, website design, online advertising, or technical programming and we don’t create exclusive alliances with vendors because we want to provide truly unbiased recommendations that are based only on what is best for your organization.