Building Awareness Isn’t Enough

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 by Tim

Snakes On A Plane, a movie starring Samuel Jackson, received a tremendous amount of buzz on the Internet, which raised expectations for what is certainly a “B” movie.  However, while opening #1 at the box office, the $15 million it brought in was considered a disappointment. 

In a recent post, Seth Godin made an astute observation about the whole Snakes on A Plane phenomenon.  Seth commented:

“I fear that people are missing a fundamental truth: just because people know who you are doesn’t mean they’re going to buy what you sell.”

In other words, building awareness is only part of the puzzle, you also have to have a desirable product or service.  This is an important yet often overlooked concept in both the offline and online worlds.

For example, marketers will obsess about keyword rankings on Google or Yahoo wanting to be ranked as close to the top as possible, but they don’t spend equal time thinking about the experience once the visitor clicks through to the website.  The same can be said for creative in e-mail campaigns and banner advertising. 

Does your link bring the visitor to page with content relating specifically to the keywords they were searching on?  Is the value proposition of your product or service clear?  Is your content scanable and is there a clear call-to-action?  Are you spending as much time looking at your logs to see what people do once they come to your site as you are reviewing your search rankings?

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