5 Considerations When Looking For a PPC Management Company

Monday, June 11th, 2007 by Tim

Finding a company to manage your paid search campaigns can be a daunting experience.  First, you have know how to tell the difference between a company that provides paid search services and one that can do it well and then you need to find the company that is the best fit for your organization.

While there are a number of great providers, we need to take into the unique needs of the particular client when we help clients find a search marketing vendor and that is why we have worked with multiple search marketing companies over the years.  The reality is that no one firm is best for all situations.  The following are five things you should consider when looking for a paid search vendor.

  1. Specialization in Paid Search Marketing.  Over the last few years, many interactive agencies have added paid search  to their list of services, however, just because a company provides the service, it doesn’t mean that you should use it.  Paid search marketing is one of the most dynamic marketing disciplines and, therefore, you need to find a company that dedicates the necessary resources to staying current on emerging trends and has a singular focus on PPC.  Look for companies that generate at least 75% of their revenues from search marketing and has considerable experience with paid search.
  2. Size of Company Is A Good Fit.  If your paid search budget is going to be larger (e.g. $100,000/month), you need to find someone who can dedicate the appropriate amount of resources to managing your campaigns.  A small, boutique provider will likely be overwhelmed by your business.  If you have a smaller budget (e.g. $10,000/month), you don’t want to be the ‘low man on the totem pole’ in terms of getting the best and brighest that a company has to offer, so consider smaller firms who will truly value your business.
  3. Focuses on Your Goals. You need to partner with a provider who is going to be focused on the same goals that you are and one who knows that their success is based on you reaching those goals.  Providers that do this will talk to you about how you define success, what conversions you are trying to generate, the cost of customer acquistion, your minimal required return on adverstising/marketing spend, etc.
  4. Applicable Experience.  Converting business-to-business sales leads can be very different than business-to-consumer e-commerce so search for a company who has had success clients similar to you.
  5. Wants to Partner.  You need to find a company whose process includes more than just picking some keywords, writing ad copy, and setting some business rules in their automated management tool.  You want a company that views the relationship as a true partnership and is willing to spend time getting to know your business, including your products and/or services, your competitors, and your customers.  A good firm will see the project as an ongoing entity and will regularly engage with you (e.g. monthly meetings) to discuss progress, lessons learned, and opportunities.


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